About Us

About Us

Old Church

Who Are We?

We are an Independent Baptist Church with

the desire to glorify God through worship,

missions, evangelism and meeting the physical

and spiritual needs of the body of Christ.




Russ Bowers, PhD.

Senior Pastor

Russ Bowers pastored Second Cape from 1980–1987. He, Glenna, Mark, Nathan, and Kate then moved to
Texas so he could pursue resident doctoral study. In 1990 the family moved to Connecticut, where Russ
pastored a church in North Haven and wrote his dissertation. That dissertation on Buddhist-Christian
dialogue helped open the door for ministry in Cambodia between 1998–2004, where he headed a
Christian leadership development project called Training of Timothys. The first half of 2005 was invested
in teaching graduate theology courses in Singapore, followed by a move to Texas to teach graduate and
undergraduate courses in missions, history, and world religions. In 2016 he published Finding Home—
Mile Markers Among the World Religions, and in May 2018 moved back to Palermo with Glenna to
pastor at Second Cape for a second go around. Mark, Nathan, and Kate are married with families of their
own, giving Pastor Russ and Glenna seven grandchildren.

Anne Sudol

Office Secretary

Ed Morris



What We Believe

  1. God exists, and has decisively revealed himself in Jesus of Nazareth.
  2. Jesus is Messiah and Master. He modeled truth, died for sin, rose physically, lives forever, and will come again.
  3. The Protestant Bible authoritatively relates God’s mighty deeds in history, and tells us what they mean. Properly interpreted, the Bible teaches how we should live today.
  4. The faith that pleases God consists of entrusting one’s whole self to Christ and his word.
  5. The gospel is for everybody; God commands all people everywhere to repent.
  6. We will be judged by what we believe and do.